All-Star Academy

All-Star Academy || Where your star shine's bright!

About Us...

All-Star Academy is an inclusive and creative arts project offering Singing, Dancing, Drama and Arts and Crafts to the children within the local community.    

Amy Neill, who is the founder and Principal of All-Star Academy applied for some funding as part of the York St John and SODEXO Aspiration Fund whilst studying at York St John University for her undergraduate degree in Drama: Education and Community in 2016.   

Once the application had been accepted, Amy was invited to a Dragons Den-style pitch. After pitching her idea of All-Star Academy to a panel of business professionals alongside her colleague and All-Star Academy's Assistant Principal Laura Castle, the project’s success came about in securing funding to support the start-up cost for an expressive and creative performing arts school thus the birth of ‘All-Star Academy’.       

All-Star Academy's main aim is to facilitate children in exploring the vibrant and creative world that theatre can provide.

All-Star Academy would like to offer children an opportunity to experience what renowned Stage School's Offer - but without the costly fee!     

Therefore incorporating arts and crafts alongside all three performing arts disciplines children will not only get to be in the limelight and star in the production, but they will have made their very own props, set design and costume too! - Something we find each child develops a sense of ownership and rightly so is proud of their creative makes.    

Our All-Star Team are very passionate about the arts and working with children, empowering children and giving them the opportunities to access their rights to culture.     

Partaking in creative and expressive arts is know to build children’s confidence, communication and even development in reading skills, all whilst having fun and finding new creative talents!